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Much of the music you'll find on this website is arranged by professional musicians. We would like to introduce them to you on this page.

Arjan van der Boom

Arjan van der Boom (1964) studied violoncello at the Conservatory with Maria Hol and Jeroen Reuling. He also graduated in orchestral playing. He took lessons with the famous British cello pedagogue Christopher Bunting and refined his ensemble skills by attending classes of Moti Shmit, Shmuel Magen, Uri Pianka and Jan Kvapil.
(If you can’t pronounce these names, no worry: neither can the rest of us).

Arjan has played in several symphony orchestras and is currently part of the cello section of the Dutch Philharmonic North. He teaches cello and double bass and is an inspiring coach of the Frisian Youth Orchestra.

Arjan has arranged music for more then 25 years, especially light hearted upbeat music. His music helped him to forget about his dreadful youth, working in the Main Port of Rotterdam to support his destitute family. Every evening when he returned home exhausted his father, an organist of a questionable denomination, tried to cheer him up by playing the organ for him. Needless to say this didn’t work. The Ave Maria’s of his mother (a professional singer herself) weren’t much help either.


Marlous Smit - Van den Hoven

For 23 years Marlous Smit-Van den Hoven has been the leading force behind Bonjour Madame, a well known salon-ensemble that played on special occasions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Marlous provided Bonjour Madame with splendid arrangements of salon-music for piano quartet and piano trio.

Marlous studied piano at the Conservatory of Rotterdam and voice at the Conservatory of The Hague. She also followed direction classes at Unisono and worked for years as a conductor for several Dutch choirs. Tired of waving at unschooled voices, she decided to dedicate her talents to arranging and bring salon music to a greater audience.