Don't let your music fall silent February 12 2023

About eight years ago, I wrote my last blog. About the Borodin Quartet and the beautiful encore they had saved for the audience, as the cherry on top of a grandiose concert. They played an arrangement by Tchaikovstky: Sweet Dreams.

Last Friday, I said goodbye to a loved one. After many beautiful words, my sister and I played Sweet Dreams, as a last wish and greeting. At moments like these, you realise that, where words fall short, music can take over.

Over the years, I started playing less. Daily chores, work, life, it takes up so much time that I no longer got around to playing music. This week, I realised again the importance, joy and comfort that music can bring. Therefore, dear reader, I hope you too will continue to pick up your instrument. Even in the difficult periods of your life. Or just.

Keep playing. Don't let your music fall silent.