Christmas Season is here! December 07 2014

The Christmas season is here and we’re getting into the right spirit. We added several beautiful arrangements of Christmas music that originate from more than a century ago.

For instance: everybody knows Jingle Bells, but did you realize that this popular song was composed more than 150 years ago by a whaler named James Lord Piermond? We didn’t. Or take Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake, a cake from hell if we are to believe the lyrics. Also nearly 140 years old (not the cake, but the song).

The chorus is as follows:

There were plums and prunes and cherries,
There were citrons and raisins and cinnamon, too
There was nutmeg, cloves and berries
And a crust that was nailed on with glue
There were caraway seeds in abundance
Such that work up a fine stomach ache
That could kill a man twice after eating a slice
Of Miss Fogarty's Christmas cake.

Christmas is the time to celebrate life together with friends or family. We can’t think of a better way to get in the spirit then to play old Christmas favorits under the Christmas tree. And stay off the cake, at least the one of Miss Fogarty.... 

Merry Christmas!