Happy New Year!


Another gem by John Jay Watson who was known for his exceptional talent in paying the violin.

In Gloucester, where he was born in September 1830, he made his first public appearance in a theatrical performance. In 1850, his health was such that he was advised to take a sea trip. At sea he made himself useful by entertaining the men with his music.

The trip turned out to be not that healthy after all; during a storm the ship was driven ashore and Watson was only able to save his violin. After that, he accepted the position as the leader of the orchestra at the Lowell Museum. Shortly after that, the museum burned down. One can say he was not born under a lucky star and definitely not the one you want to find yourself with when a little luck is needed...

Well, his misfortunes didn’t prevent him from composing this piece of music, wishing you and your audience a Happy New Year!

Arranged for piano quartet (piano, violin 1&2 and cello). See the first two pages of the score here!

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