Boo - Hoo, You left me crying


Edward Heyman (1907 – 1981) was a successful American lyricist who wrote musicals and a number of songs. He is best known for his lyrics to For Sentimental Reasons and Body and Soul. This song – Boo-Hoo – is also a joy to play. Carmen Lombardo (1903 – 1971) composed the music for this foxtrot, Heyman provided the lyrics.

It was a huge success and translated into many languages. We especially like the German version (Buh Huh, Ich möchte weinen, Buh-Huh). Perhaps because it is always a joy to see Germans cry after they stole the World Championship Football from us Dutch back in 1974..... Just kidding, the German translation is better that the original....

Skillfully arranged for piano Trio by Marlous Smit - Van den Hoven, parts (piano, violin and cello) and score in PDF.

See the first page of the score here!



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