Star From Rio


Music from the movie Stern von Rio (Star from Rio) composed by the Austrian composer Willy Engel Berger and now arranged for string quartet by Arjan van der Boom.

When the Brazilian miner Vincente finds a huge diamond - the Star from Rio - he decides to give it to his bride. Stupid of course, but those in love do strange things. However, it turns out that the diamond is owned by Don Felipe, who plans to exhibit the stone in Amsterdam.

The stone disappears, the stone turns up, the stone disappears again ....... anyway, if you want to know the plot of the movie, you should see it for yourself. You can however enjoy this cheerful tango composed by Willy Engel Berger who, after a career as musician on the Holland America Line, finished as a bar pianist in Vienna.

The arrangement consists of a score, parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello. (The viola part is also provided as a version for violin).

See the first page of the score here!

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