The Wedding Glide


Louis A. Hirsch (1881–1924) wrote this wonderful piece for his revue Hullo Ragtime. It is a ragtime duet for a pair of comic lovers, “Weelum” and “Bunty.” The song ended with a kiss that brought the house down at every performance.

Hullo, Ragtime was huge success. The day after the premiere at the Hippodrome in London, The New York Times ran a special bulletin:

LONDON PIECE ALL RAGTIME—Dec. 23.—Londoners who have fallen under the spell of American ragtime had a feast of syncopated music, dancing, and singing to-night in a new revue of the Parisian type, entitled ‘Hullo, Ragtime,’ produced at the Hippodrome by Louis Hirsch . . . Critics describe it as a gargantuan feat of fun. All the American artists concerned won much praise.

It is a shame that Hirsch, who was a celebrity in his time, seems to have been forgotten by the general public. Here’s your chance to give him credit and enjoy this gargantuan feat of fun yourself!

The arrangement consists of a score, parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello. (The viola part is also provided as a version for violin).


See the first page of the score here!


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